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IsoCare is Currently Dormant

Organizing an Emergency ShelterIsoCare is an innovative program designed to provide robust education and support to people mandated to isolate or quarantine, in support of our county's ability to fight Covid-19 transmission. IsoCare was started in March 2020 by an amazing group of volunteers and our mission is to decrease the spread of Covid-19 by supporting people who have the virus (or are awaiting test results) and have been asked to isolate or quarantine at home. When someone is suspected of being exposed to or having Covid, the wait times between when they can schedule a Covid test and receive their results can often be 7-14 days. IsoCare fills this gap, providing telephone health education, linkage to needed resources, and emotional support to help clients comply with the difficult task of isolation or quarantine.

In order to be able to lift Shelter in Place orders and get our economy back on its feet, IsoCare focuses on helping to keep those most likely to spread the disease at home. If we can provide support to people who doctors think are likely to have Covid-19 and help them successfully stay out of public places, others can go back to work and access public areas more freely.

IsoCare is currently moving towards a more sustainable economic model to ensure longevity. Please contact us to support these efforts.

2020 IsoCare Network Impact Report

2020 IsoCare Network Impact Report

How It Works

IsoCare accepts referrals from the local health centers and hospitals. Clients are referred by their medical provider when they meet the criteria for home isolation or quarantine as detailed in the Public Health Emergency Isolation Order. Within a day, an IsoCare volunteer calls the client to help them think through how they and possibly their close contacts can isolate or quarantine within their homes to protect their household and the community.

Volunteers do not have any physical contact with clients. This is a telecommunication-only effort focused on education (using information from reliable sources like the CDC) and support. Our goal is to help solve the specific, practical problems that our clients face in their efforts to effectively isolate or quarantine, while building connection and motivation through close follow-up. We are partnering with local resources such as Public Health's Alternate Care Site and Petaluma People Services Center, who can provide further access to needed resources like groceries and alternative housing.

Volunteering with IsoCare   IsoCare is Currently Dormant

IsoCare has trained and educated over 150 volunteer Community Health Workers. Our wonderful volunteers come from many different backgrounds and do not need to have prior medical training.

We have a need for both English and Spanish speaking volunteers. Volunteers make calls from their own home, and need a computer that has a microphone. Each intake call takes about 30 minutes and volunteers make follow-up calls to clients as needed.

The first step in volunteering is to attend a two-hour Zoom training. Go to Signup Genius for the training schedule and sign up! Please join our waitlist if we do not currently have a training scheduled and we will contact you as soon as we do.

IsoCare in the News

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Creating a Safety Net for COVID-19 Patients in Home Isolation June 8, 2020
Focus Area: Innovation & Design Thinking
In March 19 of this year, family medicine doctor Panna Lossy of Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency volunteered to work at a drive-through test clinic for COVID-19. She spent hours in the parking lot of Santa Rosa Community Health swabbing patients with symptoms of coronavirus and... Read More

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Extra special thanks go out to our amazing Volunteer Community Health Workers who have supported over 400 people per month since April 2020!

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